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Sound Bath Meditation

Join us for a Sound Bath Meditation! No experience or knowledge is needed. When you arrive, you will be invited to stand in a large grounding bowl where you will receive vibrations through the soles of the feet and into the body. This is a wonderful way to bring you into the present moment before class begins. We'll begin with preparing the body for stillness. While in stillness, you will hear sounds and receive vibrations that will take you on a journey of deep relaxation and into a meditative experience. By surrendering to the sounds and allowing yourself to fall into a state of deep relaxation, the body's natural healing pathways open up and will assist in releasing blockages and creating a profound sense of peace. You will leave feeling lighter, more in balance, and rejuvenated.

What is a Sound Bath?

While in a comfortable shape, a variety of instruments including crystal bowls, Himalayan singing bowls, and a small gentle gong will be played. The sounds and vibrations from the instruments will activate the parasympathetic nervous system and guide you into a meditative state. The sounds and vibrations are known to improve sleep, mental, and physical health as well as reduce stress and blood pressure.

What to bring?

Please bring anything that feels supportive to you such as a pillow for your eyes or head.  You decide!

What else to consider?

You'll be invited into stillness for a period of approximately 45 minutes, for classes 60 minutes or longer, while the sound bath is underway.  You may shift your shape at any time during the sound bath.  Please bring anything that will make you comfortable while receiving the sounds and vibrations.

Upcoming Public Events

No events at the moment

Past Events


May 18, 2024

Gaze Hot Yoga in Tampa Heights

90 minute Sound Bath Meditation filled with sound and vibrations from crystal and Himalayan sound bowls.  

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